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Stocking the Farmacy with Fire Cider

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

In the generations past, it was essential to have remedies to stock your farmacy for the” cold season”. They couldn't just run to get drugs or go to the doctors at every indication of illness. They would treat at home and have an arsenal of remedies that they could gather, grow and use to help their family. There was always a place for the medical system, but they had much knowledge and resources that they would put to work first for the minor needs. Fire cider is one of these remedies that they would make to have on hand.

Fire cider has Antiviral, circulatory, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory Properties. The traditional recipe that can be adapted in many ways uses apple cider vinegar and adds honey to give antibacterial properties and help boosts energy levels. The vinegar will extract out the properties of the ingredients and adding honey will sweeten it when taken so that it is sweet to taste. Honey also will add super benefits, so together, you have created a power punch!

There is not a “proper recipe”, but instead use ingredients that are beneficial and available. Here are some of the main ingredients and some of their benefits of why you want them in your remedy.

Ginger is warming to help stimulate circulation and is widely used in ayurvedic or Chinese medicine to break up congestion throughout the body including lungs and nasal passages.

Garlic is another herb that is anti-inflammatory anti-microbial. It is an expectorant and has immune stimulant actions.

Fire Cider strongly stimulates “digestive fire” increasing gastric juice excretions and appetite. It can increase perspiration and if you add lemon, vitamin C for immune affects function.

Jalapenos or Cayenne peppers increase circulation and mucus secretions.

Turmeric root is rich in color which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Black pepper brings warmth with its pungent nature.

Onion‘s antimicrobial, antibacterial antioxidant properties add the digestion and helps in absorption of vitamins.

1 lemon (optional, I do not have access to fresh organic lemons, so I don't use)

1/4 cp grated horseradish

Turmeric grated 1/2 cup

Ginger root peeled and grated 1/2 cup

3 whole heads of garlic chopped.

Dice 1-3 jalapenos depending on the heat tolerated

1 Onion chopped

any herbs you might have in the garden can also be added if their qualities and benefits would help. I added Fresh thyme which helps the respiratory system and is anti-microbial and also fresh rosemary.

All the ingredients above should be chopped into large pieces. The reason for this is to multiply surface area that will give you more extraction power. You are going to strain this all out after it has set, so you want them large enough that it will be easy to strain.

Put all the above ingredients into a jar and try to keep the contents under the level of vinegar by using a fermenting weight or glass lowered down inside the mouth of the jar. I used a fido jar so I won’t have to worry about air getting in. Cover contents with apple cider vinegar

Store in warm place 3-6 weeks, gently turn or shake every day.

To store you can strain and jar, put in cool dark place.

Take a shot every day during cold season or frequently at first sign of feeling a cold or sick. You can mix this with a sweetener and water if needed.

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