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Storing dry ingredients

Whenever I buy any grain, beans or flour, I never take it right to the pantry or put it into storage. The first step should always be freezing it first for a couple of days. By doing this it will kill any bugs or eggs that may have been in it from the store. Do you know those pesky pantry moths that sometimes "just appear"? These come from eggs that were hatched in some kind of dry ingredient that was purchased from the store. By freezing it first it will kill anything that may cause an infestation in your long- or short-term storage.

If it is for my working pantry and will be used up quickly, I just store it in a canister or even just the bag. During the baking season a bag doesn't stick around long. If I want to store for long term I will dump all of the bags into a food grade 5 gallon bucket and store with a gamma lid. A gamma lid is a lid that is made up of 2 parts, a collar and a lid. The collar snaps on to form a seal, but has a cover that screws into that collar for easy removal without a tool. Using this method I can keep a years' worth of flour without problems or infestations of any kind.

Here is an affiliate link for a pail and cover like I use

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