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Handcrafted, All Natural Deodorant


I personally LOVE these! It took several tries and recipes, but it was worth it! I have found it works all day and goes on easy and dry. Which are 2 things that I never liked about homemade deodorant.


3 oz

For Your Pitsy's Sake! - Deodorant Stick

  • Ingredients: Arrow root powder, tapioca starch, baking soda, magnesium hydroxide, food grade beta cyclodextrin, iota carrageenan, (MCT) fractionated coconut oil infused with hand collected and grown plants that inspire and nurture breast health red clover, violet and sage, ozokerite wax, sterile alcohol, coconut oil, mango butter, zinc ricinolate, vitamin E, and lavender essential oil


    2.5 ounce