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Introducing our gardening bundle!Both the book and the planner are available on the website separately and as a bundle.


The perfect gift for the green thumb in your life! Our bundle includes a gardening book and a garden planner, designed to help you create a thriving garden and maintain it with ease.The gardening book in our bundle, is our new book titled "Back to Our Roots: Gardening"; It is a conversational guide that will take you on a journey towards sustainable living. It provides valuable lessons on permaculture gardening methods and teaches you how to create a bountiful garden that thrives with minimal effort. The book covers a wide range of topics, including how to work with nature to create a diverse ecosystem, Ruth Stout's approach to mulch gardening, and Back to Eden's natural gardening methods. In addition to gardening techniques, the book also covers topics such as Electroculture, gardening by using the lunar calendar, and winter sowing.The garden planner in our bundle is one of my FAVORITE tools and I wanted to offer it to you! It is designed to help you plan and organize your garden by showing you the best sowing dates in your growing zone so that your plants will be the perfect size for transplanting and harvesting. You can also see how much your plants should yield, when to expect your harvest and about companion planting. There is so much information on this little slide planner that you won’t need any other tool for your garden planning.With our gardening bundle, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a thriving garden that supports your family's needs while also nurturing the health of the earth. Join us on our journey towards self-sufficiency and discover the joy of gardening and living in harmony with the natural world.Garden Tool Bundle: Book and Planner$18.00PriceQuantity1 slide planner and 1 book

Garden Tool Bundle: Book and Planner