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Pain and Sprain Balm is a double infused comfrey olive oil with turmeric, ginger, arnica and cayenne pepper. These herbs are anti- inflammatory, warming (which helps to bring blood flow to the spot applied) and help with pain. Comfrey speeds healing on a cullular level and is historically used on broken bones and sprains. I had the privilege of giving some to someone who had just badly sprained her ankle and was in excruciating and throbbing pain. After she applied the salve almost immediately she said the pain left… she got up to finally take a shower after being chair ridden for a couple days! We use it regularly on sore muscles, backs and knees.

There is one thing I would like to share with this and this is my hesitation to sell it. It is made with turmeric and comfrey which can stain if not rubbed in well. I do not want to change these ingredients because changing the ingredients would diminish the strength. I usually rub it in well and give it some time to absorb. The benefits have so far out weighed the extra care and if you are truly in pain it is worth the time.

Pain & Sprain Balm

  • Ingredients: double infused Coconut oil with comfrey, turmeric, ginger, arnica and cayenne pepper, beeswax

    4.5 ounces